150km Pure Water Walk

On November 26th, Damian Geleyns will take off on a 150km (about 93 mile), 3-day journey along the south eastern coast of Brazil.  He’ll be carrying a 20 liter jerry can, full of water, in solidarity with women and children across the world who must travel miles, often daily, carrying these 20kg (44lb) cans in order to supply their families and communities with water.  Damian will carry the jerry can using the Vessel backpack, designed in collaboration by Pensar, IDeology, Incite and charity:water.  Vessel was designed in an effort to make transporting these heavy jerry cans safer and easier for women and children.  Below are links to more information on Damian’s campaign and his fundraising page through charity:water.

Planet Natopia Article

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Good luck Damian, we are proud to be a part of this incredible journey.