Project: Halo

Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Electrical Engineering, User Experience

Illumagear teamed with Pensar to develop the original and revolutionary Halo Light. This is a revamped version of the product that won a Good Design Award in 2014. Thanks to its slimmer, more sophisticated styling, the design illuminates the product concept more clearly.  Pensar provided both design and engineering on the original and new Halo. So, how did we improve on the design? Halo is now cordless, has improved optics and is even sleeker. Formerly housed in a separate unit, the battery pack has now been integrated into the main unit, making it much more convenient to use.

If you’re not familiar – Halo is a cordless 360° personal safety and task light that quickly attaches to any hard hat (takes less than a second). Construction workers in low-visibility situations are practically invisible to motorists and equipment operators. The work lights they rely on insufficiently illuminate workers and their work areas. Halo enables the wearer to both see and be seen. It is visible over ¼ mile away and floods the task area with light out to the visual periphery. There are four modes: HALO, a bright (276 lumens) 360° ring of light; HI-ALERT, a bright pulsing circle; TASK, a bright front third of the Halo with a dim light completing the ring; DIM a dim 360° ring for working near others.

Halo is designed to be “light as brand”. We reduced the structure around the light to draw focus to the light itself. The housing becomes invisible as you move further from it, leaving only the distinctive halo of light. The new Halo design is cordless. This means the wearer is no longer tethered to a battery pack. The rechargeable battery fits into the slim profile of the Halo itself.

Considerable diligence has gone into the manufacturing of this product, which optimizes the attachment structure, improved usability, and devises a better illumination structure, representing solid progress in its evolution.

One of the key successes to the original Halo that we kept on the cordless version was its simple and intuitive use – There’s only 1 button; pressing and holding turns the Halo on/off and simply pressing the button cycles through the 4 modes.

Improvements include:

  • Comfort – removing the cable allows full freedom of movement
  • Rechargeable battery – lasts 5 ½ – 34 hours (depending on modes used) and is removable without a tool.
  • Reducing cost – no more cord or battery pack, 4 securing clips instead of 6, the optics are both better and less expensive
  • Streamlined design – despite adding a battery, the new Halo is more streamlined than ever

Construction sites are dangerous places; by lighting both the wearer and their environment, Halo improves safety and enables people to work more efficiently. We’re pretty proud to be a part of it.

Learn more about Halo at

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