Project: The Halo Light

Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, User Experience, Electrical Engineering

Working construction in low-visibility conditions is dangerous and difficult.  It’s hard for workers to see.  It’s even harder for passing motorists and heavy equipment operators to see them.  The Halo Light™ is a 360° ring of LEDs that attaches to any hard hat and produces a halo of light enabling the wearer to see and be seen in all directions at all times. There are four modes – Halo, Hi-Alert, Task and Dim.  The Halo Light™ is powered by a rechargeable battery that clips to a belt or pocket and is tethered to the Halo via a flexible cable with a safety release connection.  The Halo Light™ is an active safety system, going above and beyond existing reflective (passive) solutions.  It enables workers to both see and be seen.


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