Project: R700 RAIN RFID Reader

Industrial Design, User Experience, Mechanical Engineering

The Impinj R700 RAIN RFID reader enables faster, more accurate reading of global RFID tags. It opens up new use cases in Enterprise IoT allowing companies to better track assets, manage inventory, and verify shipments. The Impinj R700 design visually speaks to this increased performance, as well as addresses user feedback from previous generations of readers.

There were challenging thermal, EMI, and space constraints which our design and engineering teams worked together with Impinj to solve. The internal components are shrink-wrapped by the form, visually showcasing them while making the overall size as small as possible. This allows installation in tight space locations. An internal heat slug, optimized by extensive thermal simulation and lab testing, is integrated into the bottom case. The heat-sinking fins help solve thermal challenges on the device and provide unique visual impact. Exterior and interior surface finishes also intentionally provide better heat transfer from inside-out.

The Impinj R700 is designed to be used in both embedded and exposed installations which each have their own requirements and goal. For exposed installations, the durability and visual impact are important, while for embedded solutions its all about reducing the size and thermal performance. Both require flexible mounting solutions. Impinj R700 readers can be mounted by included mounting brackets, which are consistent with prior reader mount spacing, or via a VESA mount hole pattern.

Visually, the design needed to communicate the level of performance and sophistication that it contains and to stand out in the marketplace. The honest, performance-based design amplifies the high-tech power of the components inside. The durable finish helps the product stand out in the market. The device interaction is simple and consistent with Impinj’s other products which makes it intuitive to use.

Impinj R700 readers use RAIN RFID technology which has the potential to both greatly enhance and protect the lives of consumers and revolutionize the way companies do business. As the most flexible auto-identification technology, RFID can be used to track and monitor every thing from apparel to pharmaceuticals to automotive parts in the physical world automatically and with accuracy.

Our design and engineering team is proud to continue our ongoing relationship with Impinj to bring their industry leading products to market. To learn more about Impinj and the R700 RAIN RFID reader, visit the Impinj website.

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