Project: Cota Charger + Battery

Industrial Design

Think of all the devices you use every day – smartphone, remote control, tablet, electric toothbrush, even your smoke detector. Now imagine you never have to plug them in to charge them or replace their batteries. Cota keeps devices remotely and automatically charged so that you can focus on more important things.

Pensar worked with Ossia to design two charging bases: a ceiling tile (Cota Tile) and a standalone unit (Cota Transmitter) with a familial look and feel. Our design transforms a functional technology into a product that represents the innovation it contains while looking appropriate for home or office surroundings. The visual language is striking yet subtle and translates effortlessly from cylindrical to flat base stations. The concept of power distribution through the air is new to consumers, so we presented it in approachable forms and finishes that build confidence in its efficacy and safety.

While the tile and cylindrical base stations are different in their architecture, the flexibility of the design language allows us to naturally connect the two with clean white surfaces and subtle fin features.

Both forms were specifically tuned and vetted by the designers and RF engineers at Ossia to ensure peak performance. We adjusted the proportion and depth of the fins several times to optimize the antenna placement and maximize the range of the signals.

As the internet of things becomes more common, Cota delivers a power solution to seamlessly integrate these devices into our lives.

Combining the disciplines of Industrial Design, Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineering, Pensar develops robust products that exceed expectations and are ready for the real world.  Contact us to discuss how we can help on your next project.

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