Project: iU22

Mechanical Engineering

Working with Philips design team, Pensar developed the complete mechanicals for the iU22 Premium Ultrasound System. Philips Design set the bar high and Pensar delivered. We were able achieve unprecedented ergonomics in the ultrasound market.  Pensar was integral in all of the mechanical component design, system design, top level cooling and EMI strategy and jointly with Philips applied for 27 patents on the iU22 design.

The iU22’s ability to articulate its control panel and monitor far surpassed anything available in the market and has helped position both the iU22 and the iE33 as market leaders.

The articulating monitor has twice the minimum required travel and still met the original cost targets. This patented 5 axis design allows for sonographers to show both the doctor and patient what they’re seeing without ever repositioning the cart. The monitor arm has been so popular on the iU22 product that it is now a part of almost every ultrasound system that Philips sells.

Pensar came up with a 3 degree of freedom articulating control panel that allows any size sonographers to work without strain from any position. Integral to the design is a four bar lift mechanism with both translational and rotational motion.

Every design has challenges.  How a Design Firm handles these challenges is what matters. Late in the design process, Philips needed to change both their casters and the configuration of locking and braking. Pensar met the challenge and designed a pedal mechanism that exceeded all expectations.


Combining the disciplines of Industrial Design, Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineering, Pensar develops robust products that exceed expectations and are ready for the real world.  Contact us to discuss how we can help on your next project.

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