Project: MDSe

Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design

The MDSe (Mobile Docking Station Enhanced) transforms SonoSite’s M Turbo into a rolling ultrasound lab. It’s designed to ergonomically support users in a variety of clinical settings, and endure years of abuse while protecting its precious equipment.

Sonosite looked to Pensar to engineer an intuitive solution to docking, allowing users to go portable when seconds count.  The MDSe’s articulated mechanics are as durable as they are sophisticated.

Communication across disciplines is what ensures the design details are implemented in production.  Our team of designers and engineers is expert in communicating ideas and constraints to each other.

Cables are a large part of the experience in the digital age, but they are often overlooked. We ensure cables are accounted for and managed early in the design, leading to more elegant solutions.

Combining the disciplines of Industrial Design, Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineering, Pensar develops robust products that exceed expectations and are ready for the real world.  Contact us to discuss how we can help on your next project.

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