Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality

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Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Firmware Engineering

Augmenting reality is no small feat. Convincing the human eyes, ears, and mind that digitally generated content is real and trustworthy requires seamless experiences. Creating that requires incredibly high-precision timing, impossibly dense displays, perfect spatial audio, and infallible synchronization.

The virtual and augmented reality projects we take on can’t be shared. However, we can give a glimpse at our own process for crafting AR/VR/MR experiences that enhance lives. Pensar’s engineering team is well-versed in the bleeding-edge technologies required to make mixed reality come to life – from ultra-high-speed layouts & space-constrained outlines to nanosecond FPGA timing solutions, wireless video compression, multi-camera on-board image processing, and sensor-fusion for flawless 6-DoF experiences.

Contact us to learn more about partnering to develop new experiences and products for virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Improving data collection, interpretation and predictions is key to improving experiences in healthcare and other fields. Our machine learning expertise can both collect the right data and make it meaningful. Our design team takes novel approaches to understanding user experiences and developing new ways to make the virtual and real world blend seamlessly. Our engineering team makes experiences reliable by achieving technical solutions for thermal performance as well as reducing size/weight and getting that perfect balanced feel. The best user experiences blend our design thinking with our suite of engineering teams. We leverage our extensive software, firmware, electrical and mechanical engineering knowledge to create products with the highest caliber user experience.

As a consultancy, we create for many industries which gives us a unique viewpoint into how AR and VR can impact not just entertainment, but medicine, health and industrial applications as well. We look forward to working with our amazing clients to define what the future looks like… virtually.

Project Gallery

Binocular Concepts

A binocular project that showcases our diverse design thinking

Xbox Series S

Small, Powerful, Affordable

Xbox Series X

High performance in a small package

R700 RAIN RFID Reader

Impinj R700 RAIN RFID reader for Enterprise IoT solutions

DLTA 360° Drone + App

Love for 360° images inspires a concept

Brush Heads

Innovative brush heads using new materials

SII Portable Ultrasound System

Portable Ultrasound for the Modern World

Undisclosed Projects + Clients

Better XR user experiences created daily


An RFID gateway that's both beautiful and functional


A place to honor the projects we can't show

CX50 Cart

Faster development time and reduced cost

Cota Charger + Battery

Concepts for the next generation of Remote Wireless Charging.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

The next generation of HIFU systems

Affiniti 50/70

Engineering a lighter, smaller, more intuitive cart.

Xbox One X

System integration + mechanical engineering

Xbox One S

Xbox One S system integration + mechanical engineering

Cota Remote Wireless Charging

The next generation of Remote Wireless Charging.


The new Illumagear Halo. It's cord-free!

Ping Pong

An exploration of process, form + finish

Therapeutic Ultrasound Generation 1

Mechanical engineering for HIFU stystems

Philips Industrial Cable Flex Tester

a complex, impedance-based ultrasound cable tester

A long history of cart development

A collection of medical carts Pensar has helped develop

MorphoTrak Access

Smart card access control integration

LED Lighting

Recessed LED lighting and display case


Cardiology focused mobile ultrasound

Xbox Kinect

Pensar's partnership with Microsoft continues with the Xbox Kinect

The Halo Light

See and be seen in low light conditions

Xbox 360

Engineered to be smaller, sleeker and as quiet as ever

Laser Distance Meter Family

We designed a family of laser distance meters that strengthens the Fluke brand

Xbox Speed Wheel

Race to your heart's content with this wireless, motion-sensing controller

Optiks Lens Line

Performance-enhancing eyewear of the digital generation

Xbox One

Microsoft partners with Pensar for mechanical integration and execution


Pensar helped Microsoft's New Product Innovation group bring Surface to life

Premium Banking Kiosk

Concepts for an interactive retail kiosk


Pensar was tasked with making the MTurbo bulletproof


MicroMaxx is user-focused, high-performance ultrasound

Xbox 360 Slim

Developing the best gaming console in existence is what we do every day

Lifepak 15

Physio-Control's Lifepak line of mobile defibrillators

Quinton 9500/9550

Complete redesign of Quinton's industry-leading stress cart

Gamer Light

Changing the mobile gaming experience

Gamer Arcade

Designing the next generation of arcade gaming for iOS

DNA Shoe

What if your shoe was based on your anatomy + biomechanics

Burdick 8500

Pensar updated the Atria ECG to embrace Cardiac Science's new design language

350 Paddle

The lightest strongest paddles ever made


Unprecedented ergonomics in the ultrasound market

Gamer Pro

Designing the flagship controller for a family of iOS gaming devices


Teaming up to ease the burden of water collection in Ethiopia


Mobile Docking Station Enhanced


Mobile ultrasound system that adapts to a variety of medical procedures and users