Happy Holidays from Pensar!

All you need is some paper and scissors to make the office festive this holiday season.  From our mid-century paper ornaments to our hand cut snowflakes. All shapes and sizes of snowflake are represented on our windows. The standard 6 sided variety share panes with an eight headed Grateful Dead flake (there may have been some exacto cuts on this one!), Darth Vader, unicorns, dachshunds, and even the face of one of our founders.


If you’re wondering about how we made our ornaments, here’s a quick photo how-to:


Cut 5+ strips of paper of equal width and length.  Secure all pieces at the bottom (we used staples).  Then with the middle strip as the “backbone” extend the other pieces out so they form your desired shape of ornament. Note: the tops will be uneven.  Once the pieces are as you would like, staple them together at the top of the shortest strip .  Next cut off the excess strips at the top so you have a nice clean edge.  Punch a hold below the staples and hang with ribbon.