Modal Analysis of the Chladni Plate

We started by making and testing a Chladni plate, which you can see in action here. When it comes to product development, we do a lot of prototyping to test many things including user experiences, function and aesthetics. Prototyping for fun comes naturally to us. Another set of tools we use to test our designs is Finite Element Analysis (FEA). We do this both before and in tandem with creating physical prototypes. This allows us to correlate the analysis with what we see in the physical world. In-depth analysis provides insights into the effect of numerous different parameters that we can predict to reduce the number of prototype cycles.

For the Chladni Plate, we CAD modeled the plate and applied Modal Analysis – which is basically analyzing the dynamic properties of systems with respect to frequency. This analysis revealed images that correlated to our observations at equivalent frequencies. It also predicted some cool patterns at frequencies we’ve yet to try.

When it comes to client projects, we use various types of analysis to ensure our designs function at the highest level. Our mechanical engineers use thermal, drop, structural, and modal analysis along with Multiphysics Simulations. This suite of analysis tools enables us to provide our clients with the performance and reliability in their products.

To see some of our engineering and analysis in action, check out the video for the Physio Control LifePak 15.