Super Awesome Everyday Design Bic Cristal

As designers and engineers we work hard to develop products that stand the test of time and have a positive impact on society.  Knowing how challenging it is to accomplish this goal, makes us appreciate the designs around us that have achieved it. Some of these products we use and acknowledge every day, while others live in the background, smoothing out our lives without us even being aware of it.

Super Awesome Everyday Design takes a look at some of those great designs that may be going unnoticed.


We are always on the lookout for that elusive pen or pencil that will accentuate our drawing skills and take them to the next level. Unfortunately what you might find, is that after spending way too much money on exotic machined writing utensils, they won’t really make things that much better. However right in front of us, in packs of 50 for just a few dollars, the Cristal Bic is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Glamorous? No. Functional? Incredibly. Released in 1950, the pen broke ground as the first ball point pen that truly worked like it should. Others had tried to do it before, but it was Marcel Bich who created the precision manufacturing process needed to generate the right result. Bich also formulated the ink, which falls perfectly into the goldilocks realm – Not so thick it clogs, not so thin it leaks. And just like a pencil it has incredible pressure responsiveness to go from light construction lines to bold outlines for emphasizing a drawing where you need it.

Thanks Bic for inexpensively keeping our pen cup full and ready!